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    CREAM GLOSS AVAILABLE IN 8 GORGEOUS COLORS. COMBINES THE FEATURES OF A CREAMY LIPSTICK AND SHINY LIP GLOSS FOR A BEAUTIFUL FINISH. Highly concentrated in pigments, this cream gloss can be used alone, on top of a lipstick or with a lip liner.  Contains moisturizing agents for maximum shine and comfort.
  • AQUA LINER RESIST lip pencil
    A flawless line with an exceptional hold thanks to its waterproof formula. Lips are carefully underlined with a soft and creamy lead which deposits a film that dries instantly.
    A soft lead to underline precisely or change the lip contour shape for perfectly drawn lips. Allows for an even lipstick application improving hold and avoiding smears.
  • COPINES LIP Lipstick
    The shine of a gloss captured in a stick, COPINES LIP is designed with an innovative, soft and creamy texture, for an absolute mirror effect. Radiant and transparent colors that sublimate the lips in a single gesture. To sublimate the natural. Creamy and shiny, more and more natural, lipsticks blend seamlessly with the skin. A very stylish tone-on-tone...
    A range of 6 MAT and resistant lipsticks, which evenly color your lips. An highly pigmented lipstick with a mat velvety finish to apply in one piece.
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items