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  • Acqua Resist Eye Pencils
    ACQUA LINER RESIST Thanks to its fine felt tip, the Acqua Resist Eye Pencil can draw a perfect line following the lashes contour line. The make-up remains intact for hours. Its enriched formula with vitamin E and Aloe Vera provides moisturizing properties to the eye pencil.
    Eyebrows reflect your personality and sophistication so give them the lead! Fine-tip eyebrow pencil with ultra-precision grooming brush. Available in 6 shades. 
    For perfect, elegant professional results . This carbon eyeliner is ideal for a dark and intensified look. It is extremely precise and easy to apply thanks to its applicator brush.
  • Star Powder Roll’On
    A real concentrate of light! A drop of this Star Powder Roll’on deploys a glowing effect in a multitude of 3 pearly shades. The Roll-on applicator gives a smart and soft application with the right quantity of product to use.
  • TRIO Eyeshadow
    A silky and easy-to-apply texture with metallic, mat or satiny effects. Your eyes are going to be in for the show! 6 make-up kits of Trio eyeshadow to customize your look. For a natural look, apply a light shade with a fine brush on the mobile eyelid. For a more sophisticated version, apply a dark shade at the source of the lashes, and a light luminous...
    A combination of delicately pearlized, shimmering, vibrant and coordinated colors, to customize your eye makeup the way you want.  An easy-to-apply, long-lasting, powder-cream texture that allows you to create different intensities.
  • Jumbo Eyeliner
    Thanks to its XL felt point, a perfect flawless line can be drawn following the lashes contour line. A semi-permanent formula that respects the delicate skin of the eye contour.
    Volume-booster, high definition, color intensity, glossy effect.  Volume - enhancing mascara for remarkably long and luscious lashes. Intense black carbon and long-hold mascara. Add volume and length from roots to ends thanks to its creamy texture. 
    Luminous waterproof mascara, soft, supple and volume-boosting yet natural effect.  A new generation of mascara for stunning lashes at all times.  Rich formula designed to keep lashes soft and light while creating a sweeping, intense and perfectly natural effect.  Its film-coating formula wraps around each lash for true waterproof action. Eyelashes stay...
    Ultra-preci sion brush  Separates and lengthens lashes like no other for a zero clump effect.  Say goodbye to false lashes with this genius mascara. Intensifies, lengthens and thickens eyelashes.
    Wear nothing but a mascara...  The STAR product, a must-have and essential for volume & length. Long-hold formula.  Copines Line Paris creates an innovation buzz with a new mascara, rich in elastic polymers. This long-hold, volume-boosting and smudge-proof mascara gives infinitely curled and defined eyelashes.
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items